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Proactive Monitoring

Proactive monitoring extends traditional monitoring by analyzing performance metrics rather than port status. Our staff is alerted when vital statistics such as load averages, swap, or overall server bandwidth behave in an unpredictable fashion.


URL Content Monitoring

URL content monitoring focuses on the end user experience, testing whether specific URLs are loading in a timely fashion and processing data correctly. This allows us to pick up software level errors such as bad code updates, software configuration issues, or a poorly performing or modified database.


Threshold Bandwidth Monitoring

For all unforeseen errors we have a bandwidth threshold monitor which alerts our staff whenever your server's bandwidth either falls or exceeds a threshold. This allows our staff to immediately respond to increases in traffic and make sure your server can handle the load, or attempt to block access if someone has hot-linked your content. It also detects errors that other forms of monitoring may miss as it simply makes sure that your server is pushing out data within its usual boundaries.


Vital Statistic Monitoring

All of your servers vital statistics, load, swap, disk usage, are graphed and monitored. Aside from letting the customer see how their server is performing they are crucial for troubleshooting performance related issues as they can pinpoint the source of a bottleneck at the hardware level. Customers can also see how increases in traffic or sudden spikes affect their overall performance and processing.